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Wild Fig Wax Melt

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Wax Melt Wild Fig

Woody Aroma - this fragrance combines notes of wild fig with wood and vanilla. The top note is fresh and lemony, with notes of fig leaves, green and dark wild figs, as well as hints of lemon and peach. The heart note is more fruity and cool, with notes of fig leaves, green and dark wild figs, as well as notes of lemon, peach, vanilla and jasmine. The base note is warm and woody, with notes of fig wood, cedar, coconut and tonka.

Duration: 80-90 hours

Intensity: Mild (unisex fragrance)

Weight: 90 grams

Wax : 100% rapeseed wax

The scent of wild fig is known for its sensual and tropical qualities, while wood and vanilla are known for their relaxing and calming qualities.


  • Place a piece of wax melt on burner your.
  • Light a stove and place it on the burner.
  • Place a small piece of wax melt on the top surface of the burner.
  • Your space will be scented in a few minutes - enjoy!

Interesting Stuff:

  • Our wax melts are plant-based, non-toxic and fragrance safe for your children and pets.
  • They do not produce smoke.
  • They create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.
  • You can remelt the same wax 4-5 times until its scent is gone.
  • It only takes half an hour & your house will still smell great after you turn off the heat.
    Wild Fig Wax Melt

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