Introducing Scent Stories, a heartfelt venture born out of passion and resilience. Founded in 2021 during the challenging times of the pandemic, our story is one of determination and unwavering dedication.

As the founder, Joanna, I embarked on this journey with a dream in my heart and a vision to create something meaningful. It all started when circumstances led me to make my very first candle at home. Little did I know that this humble beginning would ignite a fire within me, inspiring me to turn my long-held dream of having an online shop into a reality.

From the very beginning, I had no idea where this path would lead, but I carried with me the indomitable spirit of an entrepreneur. I had dabbled in e-commerce before, even setting up my first online shop at the young age of 17, but never fully pursued it. However, this time was different. Driven by a desire to bring joy and tranquility to people's lives, I took the leap and embraced the world of handmade candles.

Throughout this journey, I have been fortunate to have the unwavering support of my family. My mother, with her expert hands and creative spirit, plays an integral role in the production process, ensuring that each candle is meticulously crafted with love and care. My father, lends his support by preparing shipping boxes and ensuring timely delivery of our products. And my brother, well, his infectious positive vibes keep us motivated and smiling along the way.

As I pursued my studies in business management, I found myself applying the knowledge and skills I acquired to nurture and grow Scent Stories. It has been a whirlwind experience of learning, adapting, and persevering, but every step has been worth it.

At Scent Stories, we are more than just a business. We are a family-driven enterprise, pouring our hearts and souls into every candle we create. Our mission is to bring a sense of peace, harmony, and mindfulness into your lives, enhancing your daily rituals of self-care and creating moments of reflection and tranquility.

Join us on this fragrant journey and discover the enchanting world of Scent Stories. Find us on Instagram and TikTok to dive deeper into our story and explore the scented wonders that await you.